Greetings Everyone,

Our February memberís dinner will be held on the 22nd at the Greens of Renton. Cocktails at 630 pm. Dinner will be served at 7pm. We will be having 2 guest speakers that night.
Taras Saplywyj from Lafarge and he will be talking about new products
Pam Duesling from Norfolk County Community Planning and Building Division will speak as well. Community Planning and Development and Cultural Services looks forward to presenting to you at the Feb 22 Home Builders meeting to first recapture the successful 2016 Building and Planning Application year and most importantly share with you where we are with the Official Plan Review. Planning staff will be presenting the Residential Lands Supply Analysis that will be shared with Council on Feb 7th. This important information will provide an opportunity for you to know where the lands are located within the urban boundaries and in the hamlets in Norfolk County to build for the next 20 years. Density targets and infill and intensification are an integral part of developing and building in Norfolk County.

We are working with Norfolk County quite often lately regarding the many changes that are coming as a result of the new By-Laws. This is the main reason why we have this association, to ensure we as builders are treated fairly by the municipality. We have a large voice within our municipality and the County has always listened to the voice of our association.
The County had a new grading plan by-law which was presented to council.
Basically, our understanding is that the changes do not eliminate the need for a grading plan with your building permit application but do eliminate for the grading permit process. You would still need to do a grading plan and it would still need to by and engineer or OLS. The certification process with the County would be eliminated. They are generally saying that the designers should certify that is was completed in accordance with the plan. A new form is being made by the county which will have to be submitted with building permit application

Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday February 22nd

Len Herrewynen